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Resort to Family Counseling to Bring Back Peace and Happiness To Life!

No family is perfect, and some conflicts take place on a regular basis. However, the solution here is to understand, accept and forgive. Individuals have their share of good and bad. You are humans, and we do commit mistakes that steal joy and bliss from life. However, things can be set right again with counseling…

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Couples Counseling – Revive Your Dying Relationship with Active Communication

Marriage is a happy bond between two individual souls. As social animals, human beings require the human touch and relationships provide that. It is necessary for our emotional needs and good mental health. A healthy and happy relationship can help people cope with anxiety and stress of daily life. However, our romantic relationships are often…

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What If Your Spouse Doesn’t Want To Go To Therapy

(I WANT TO POINT OUT THAT I AM AN EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED THERAPIST AND MY SPECIALTY IS WORKING WITH COUPLES) That said, it is actually, quite normal for one person in the couple to object to going to therapy. Reasons given can vary tremendously: “too much money”, “my friend says therapy ended his marriage”, “you just…

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Relationship Conflicts: You don’t bring me flowers anymore!!!!

When couples come in for therapy, I often ask if there are one or two themes that keep coming up. Once we have identified those, then I look underneath them to see what deep emotions are tied to each individual’s reactions. In Emotionally Focused Therapy, we call these themes, “the Cycle”, or “the Dance”. It’s…

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