Find help for anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief and loss in Newport Beach, Irvine and Costa Mesa, CA.

Often people ask me if I do therapy for individuals, and of course, I do. So often individual get stuck in patterns that keep them from reaching their goals, or they have thoughts and feelings that cause them to feel depressed or anxious and render them less functional than they want to be. Sometimes, there’s been an event such as a loss of job, loved one, or the end of a relationship which has really devastated you and had the effect of a knock-out punch.

Just as couples develop patterns and cycles, individuals develop internal cycles and patterns that can be changed, once they are aware of them. Having a caring therapist tune into you (as I do) and care about and reflect what’s going on inside of you, can very often help you change your cycle into a positive one where you will begin to be the person you long to be. All of us yearn to be loved and happy. I want to help you get there. The greatest existential threat to humans is aloneness. I want to get you into a community with people you feel safe with and with whom you can be transparent and closely attached. This is healing. It’s amazing.

Once a human feels deeply accepted by a trusted, comforting person, they very often are freed up to change… in whatever way they choose.

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