Life sometimes comes in that condition in when it is difficult to reject or accept. That can be with any person or even situation.  One of the problems arises when the spouse or partner is overly critical. Of course, divorce or separation will not be the solution. Then the excellent option is Couples therapy counseling because it guides to think an individual to see beyond the present condition.  The therapy focuses on helping the mental health of each other. The relationship often gets tucked in disconnection or lack of connection. So they prefer open communication. It brings the feeling of satisfied, loved, connected, and safe.

Sometimes because of the critical nature, it is quite difficult to agree to with the spouse for visiting the counselor. Some of the ways which one can use for convincing the spouse are:

  • Never Blame your Spouse: Being an over critical nature, the spouse will feel less tolerant for the relation. Then it will bring more complications in the relationship if he or is blamed. It is best if one will try to improve the relationship by their own. Focus on the feeling of yourself.
  • Politeness gives relief in pain: If anyone behaves rudely with his or her partner, then it is highly challenging to get the solution. The person can convince the spouse by for counseling. It must be in a polite manner. One need not give up in the relationship counseling in the middle. Make them feel valuable in the life. Sharing ends the differences in any relationship but in a caring way.
  • Suggest the spouse about the counseling: After making feel another person valuable, it will not be difficult to save the relation. Any two of them must take the initiative of taking appointment from the counselor. It will be free or even chargeable. During the session, the best thing is that the therapist will be an unknown person. Getting unbiased results and suggestion from the therapists will be easy. They will help them in every situation.

It is not easy to get suggestions about married because people think it is entirely personal. They want to share their problems with an unknown person rather than their relative. It is not easy to get the right person, but visiting is the first step. One can get the solution of the problems. It is not a cakewalk to live with an overly critical person. So, with the proper help offered by the counselor will bring fruitful results.

  • One must get concerned with the relative about their participation: For achieving the perfection in the relation, the efforts must be made by both the partners. It will be helpful for the overly critical person to deal with the situation. The therapist will also learn a lot about the relationship after spending some sessions with couples.

The therapist will help to make the relationship that lasts long.

If you think that you need to talk to someone about your relationship, then I suggest you approach a professional counselor. He will understand your situation well and give you the right advice owing to his years of experience.