There are times when your relationship just does not work out, and the only solution that you can think of is quitting. When it comes to relationships, there is a lot of mixed emotions involved and most of the time you are unable to understand them. Disappointments anger, frustration, depression and other forms of negative emotions can compel you to take the wrong step. It is here that you need the attention of a kind and compassionate counselor who will guide you through this complex web of emotions and show you the right path.

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When it comes to relationships and marriages, it is essential for you to seek help from an experienced and skilled professional with decades of experience. I, Peggy Bolcoa provide you with this counseling as I have 23 years of experience in the field and have couples of all ages come back together before they call it quits. It only takes a few counseling sessions for both of you to realize that quitting is not the solution when it comes to relationship disputes and disagreements. I am here to help you to resolve issues that might have crept up between both of you long back. I follow the treatment model that is called the Emotionally Focussed Treatment or the EFT. This model helps you to focus deeply on the troubled relationship and address issues that crop up. For more information, you may visit my page

Get together once again

If you still dream of the past good old days that have gone by and that they will never return, wipe that thought out of your mind right now. There is hope, and you still can revive a dead relationship with my help. When you have entered into marriage, you make a vow of togetherness to stay forever eternally however things do go wrong. The solution does not lie in quitting and leaving. There are times when your partner or even spouse will not be open to counseling as the relationship has turned sour. It is here that I can help as I will tell you the ways on how you can with compassion and kindness convince your partner or spouse to come for counseling sessions with me. It only takes some time for both of you to come to me and understand the areas where your relationship has failed.

As a relationship counselor, I always suggest that you should always give your relationship one last chance before you call it quits. Couples that have come to me have realized their problems and the places where they have made mistakes. Most of them are even ignorant towards the negative patterns they breed. Some individuals do not even openly communicate with their spouses, and this is often the root cause of the problem. Whatever the cause, it is always essential to take help from an experienced and compassionate counselor like me. If you are facing relationship woes and want things to get better between you and your spouse and partner, book an appointment with me and know more about me at