Do you feel that your marriage is on the rocks and you just cannot set things right! Your spouse might feel the same, and both of you believe that the chemistry you had once had has flown out of the window only you bring you never-ending misery and pain. If you feel hopeless and have lost trust in yourself and your partner, do not visit a lawyer and head for a divorce. There is one last resort to your marriage, and that is couple counseling!

Work things out first

When it comes to marriage and couple counseling, it is imperative for you to work things out with your spouse first. My name is Peggy Bolcoa, and I am a marriage counselor with 23 years of invaluable experience with me. I have helped many couples come back together even after contemplating separation and divorce. I use the Emotionally Focused Treatment that has proved to be one of the best approaches to bring back estranged couples together. I believe that a marriage can still work even if you have gone through a turmoil of negative patterns and mixed emotions. Visit my site to find out more about me

What if your spouse does not want marriage counseling?

When it comes to marriage counseling, you will find that one of the spouses will always object to the other’s wish for therapy. This is very normal to happen so you should not put pressure on your spouse when he or she is not keen on therapy. You should accept the other person’s stance and politely request him or her. You should be compassionate, warm and accepting. With this attitude, you spouse gives in. The time taken for this acceptance and consent varies from individual to individual however it does work provided you accept your spouse’s behavior in a friendly and loving way.

I have seen that couples do love each other and most of them are not even keen to call in quits. A series of negative patterns and emotions take over them and when they feel lost with love all gone the only thought that comes to their minds is saying goodbye forever. This is not the solution to the marriage at all. The subsequent period brings equal and for some couples even more pain. There is hope. People have come back together and they today thank their stars that they went in for couple counseling and therapy.

Therefore, even if your spouse is not ready, do not take this defiance as an indication that your marriage is over and parting ways are the only solution. With the right counselor, you effectively can bring back that lost love. A few sessions will help you realize the negative patterns that have taken control of your life and marriage. Book an appointment with me, and I will help you get back together. You deserve a second chance and am sure you will make this marriage work- drop in to meet me here at